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Regulators and Industry Meet at
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Medical Device Registries in
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Report: Guiding Principles in the development, implementation
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Providing a unifying voice for the medical devices, equipment and in-vitro diagnostics industry in Asia Pacific.

About APACMed

Founded in 2014, the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed) represents manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment, devices and in vitro diagnostics, industry associations and other key stakeholders associated with the medical technology industry in Asia Pacific.

Headquartered in Singapore, APACMed is the first and only regional association to provide a unified voice for the medical technology industry in Asia Pacific. APACMed works proactively with bilateral, regional and local government bodies to shape policies, demonstrate the value of innovation and promote regulatory harmonization. We engage with medical device associations and companies in Asia Pacific to jointly advance regional issues, code of ethics and share best practices.

Our Board Members

The market for MedTech in Asia Pacific is estimated to have reached almost US$ 90 billion in 2015, about a quarter of the global total. Growth is forecast to continue, with the Asia-Pacific market outgrowing the European Union by 2020 and more than doubling over the next ten years to about US$ 190 billion, potentially accounting for a third of global sales.

Source: McKinsey, Dec 2015. Download the full report here. 

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