Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in APACMed, the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association.

Who we are

APACMed was established to provide a unifying voice for the medical devices, equipment and in-vitro diagnostics industry in Asia Pacific. We are the first and only regional medical technology association that is headquartered in Asia, solely focused on matters of interest in Asia and the Pacific.

Access, Innovation and Collaboration

Guided by the principles of Access, Innovation and Collaboration, we work with governments, regulators, payers, healthcare providers and others to shape policies that give patients timely access to quality healthcare in both developed and developing markets.

Our aim is also to connect and foster collaboration between all actors within the medtech ecosystem, from academics to healthcare practitioners, from startup incubators, to service providers.

Our members reflect the diversity of today’s medical technology – from pacemakers to contact lenses, to rapid test kits and high volume disposable devices, to large imaging equipment such as CTs and MRIs.

We seek diversity not only across the technologies we represent, but also among the types of companies and organisations that constitute our membership base. Whether you are a U.S. or European multinational with interests in Asia, or whether your medtech business is headquartered in Suzhou, Kobe, Bangalore or Melbourne, you are likely to share many common challenges in bringing your innovations to market.

SME’s (Small & Medium sized Enterprises), suppliers, service providers, and of course national industry associations across Asia Pacific are all invited to join APACMed.

Our journey so far

Founded in 2014, and officially launched in April 2015, these last three years have been an extraordinary time for APACMed. Our initial focus was simple: raise visibility and build credibility. I am proud to say we did well on both these fronts, thanks to the outstanding support of our Board, the drive of our Functional Committee members and the commitment of our member organisations.

Over the last three years, APACMed has cemented its reputation as a key partner for many stakeholders in the region. We have enjoyed interactions with senior level regulators, and recently joined forces with the Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP), a voluntary group of regulators and industry members, whose goal is to promote harmonisation of medical device regulations in the region.

We have also fostered relationships with health ministry officials and policy makers, academic institutions and research organisations,  thanks to the dedicated work of our Functional Committees working across areas critical to our industry: Legal/ Ethics & Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Government Affairs, Communications and Medical/ Clinical Affairs.

We have successfully established the Asia Pacific MedTech Forum as our annual flagship event; our 2017 event attracted over 620 delegates from 22 countries. The Asia Pacific MedTech Forum has played a significant part in establishing APACMed as a respected, credible industry partner.

If you are not yet a member, I encourage you to join us. If you are already a member, please continue to work with us to shape the future of healthcare in the region.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our many committee meetings, conferences or networking events!

Warm regards,

Fredrik Nyberg
Chief Executive Officer

February, 2018